Notes from Disrupting Racism Discussion

The following are notes from the event Interrupting Hate Crimes Sunday held on November 5th 2017. This was a discussion that followed the Interfaith Film Festival. The festival was held at the Yardley United Methodist Church in Yardley, Pa.

Children’s Event – Haters screaming at them.

  • Leave immediately
  • Call 911 and FBI
  • Safety for Children/ Put children in center surrounded by adults.
  • Surround “haters” and chant, “NOT HERE!” and “NO! NO! NO!”
  • Invite them to stay and talk.

George School Students Facing Racism.

  • SAFE HOUSES: Businesses and faith houses. Visible support
  • George School Administration to ask white students to walk with them.
  • Educate the community.
  • Pass out information.

College Campus – Hate Speech.

  • Equal protest
  • Non-violent communication with Pastor
  • College President talk to Dept. Chairs and discuss with students what to do.
  • Community Plan
  • Invite them for coffee.
  • Allow them – shout them down with peace.
  • Stop curriculum. Read a book on racism, write essay about the reading and then discuss.
  • Assemble students and have a speaker.
  • Forums for students, led by faculty.
  • Stand with students being targeted.
  • Write letters to President
  •   Reach out to student groups. 22279525_1166931543409729_1104601380612842286_n.jpg

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