The Interfaith Community of Lower Bucks fosters communication between different religious communities within Lower Bucks County in Pennsylvania.
Mission statement:
The Interfaith Community of Lower Bucks’s mission is to bring together people of all faiths to build harmony, community, and understanding by hosting and participating in community work, play, worship, and education.

ICLB Admitted to the Cooperation Circles of URI, United Religions Initiative.

The ICLB has become a member of United Religions Initiative. URI is ” is a global grassroots interfaith network that cultivates peace and justice by engaging people to bridge religious and cultural differences and work together for the good of their communities and the world.”

Below is a letter from Bishop Swing, their President:

As Founder and President of URI, I want to welcome you and the other members from Interfaith Community of Lower Bucks.

URI started in 1993 as a vague dream. Over the next few years, URI began to gather people from around the world, and we all became a committed and caring community. Then, after three more years of hard work, we produced the URI Charter (Preamble, Purpose and Principles). And finally on June 26, 2000, we launched. The once vague idea became a well-defined approach of linking peacemakers to local and global issues and to each other. Peacemakers who honor the spiritual dimensions of life are at work today in 102 countries and growing fast.

And now there is you!

You will never know what a cause for rejoicing comes from having you join the URI family. I, along with hundreds of others, have read about you and the focus of your work. We welcome you and applaud what you do.

If you ever want to be in touch with me, I am just an email away. Feel free to connect. Meanwhile I send warmest greetings to you and to you all.


+William E. Swing

Statement of Peace Following Orlando Shootings

Interfaith Community of Lower Bucks County

Statement of Peace

The Interfaith Community of Lower Bucks County–a volunteer, nonprofit organization– stands in support of the greater Orlando community.

Although there are those opportunists who would misconstrue the recent shooting against the gay community as faith based violence, we stand together with our Muslim brothers and sisters who live in faith and service– decrying any and all acts of violence against humanity.

Rather than a time to be divided by fear and ignorance, we unite as a community and nation to support the richness of our diversity, the strength of our resilience, and increased resolve to promote a more harmonious world.

As the Interfaith Community of Lower Bucks, we celebrate the commonality of all religions, local and abroad, whose intersection is universal love, acceptance, and compassionate service. By endorsing and collaborating with like minded organizations, we work to make Bucks County a more beloved community.

Sharing Our Faith series includes: Jewish holidays, Ramadan meals, Day of Prayer for Native American Indian Youth, Yardley Peace Festival, Thanksgiving Interfaith Potluck, Holiday Prayers, and more. We host speakers, films, and gatherings—all in the spirit of peace.

As Christians, Muslims, Jews, Quakers, Native Americans, Sikhs, Eckankar, Buddhists, Humanists, and more — we speak many languages, have deep local roots, and are immigrants celebrating the collective freedom to worship.

We of many faiths—through special events and shared meals—unite in making Bucks County a safer and more vibrant place for all people to live, thrive, worship, and work. As partners in peace we gather, break bread, and share stories, in our journey toward peace.

Interfaith Community of Lower Bucks

Working to make Bucks County a more Beloved Community